Saturday, March 27, 2010

UCO Boathouse Prow Taking Shape

Looking like the bow of a ship under construction, the UCO Boathouse prow is taking shape between the Devon Boathouse and the OU Boathouse site. Construction of the prow will prepare the site for future development of the boathouse structure. From above, it will appear as though the three buildings are racing - a little friendly competition among some of the great universities of our state!

Back to the Devon Boathouse

More great progress has been made this week on the Devon Boathouse.

The rowing tank foundation is in place. The design and the engine will create one of the world's fastest sculling tanks and world's first dynamic tank (the water moves along with the rowers and the rowing stations). This will be used by both Olympic rowers and first time rowers - and will be a great attraction for tours and special events at the building. The area just beyond the tank is the event facilities, featuring a panoramic view of the river.

The sidewalks are now in place around the Devon Boathouse inlet.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chesapeake Finish Line Tower Mobilization Begins

A view of the viewing area under the tower. New renderings of the area will be coming soon to depict the outdoor screen, fire pit, and paved areas. This image also represents future MAPS 3-funded river improvements (early rendering of jumbotron and bridge elevator/staircase)
These detailed renderings depict the final design of the tower. The rendering on the previous post represents minor updates (not depicted in these models) including small balconies on the first two levels and a larger balcony extending along the entire side of the tower facing the race course. All other design elements remain the same (with further development in the terraced areas and LED lighting).

The viewing angles for the judges were carefully studied, ensuring full view of each racing lane from the tiered seating depicted in this image. Officials, media, commentators, and VIP guests will also have a distant view of the starting line for the longest races (2000 meters with the starting line adjacent to the American Indian Cultural Center); The race course will feature cameras with feeds from multiple locations on the course that will be showcased on screens throughout the tower, the tower's exterior, scoreboards, and within other boathouse viewing areas.
The pathway leading to the tower will feature embedded LED lights for dramatic night time representation of the finish line.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday Update - Sidewalk Installation Along River's Edge Begins

Sidewalks along river's edge to give a new perspective of the action on the river.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Report

The Devon Boathouse structure is quickly rising.
The water is now fully impounded in the Eastern Basin, filling up the new inlets.
The UCO Boathouse Prow construction began today.
The water is back with new inlets full.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Boathouse District Construction Update

Chesapeake Finish Line Tower Site - mobilization and construction to commence next week with March 2011 completion - more details coming soon
Devon Boathouse "Bow" - Devon Boathouse, Home of OCU Rowing scheduled for completion October, 2010. 34,500 Square Feet
The Devon Boathouse rises with a view toward future event center
Boats will launch to the east into the Devon Boathouse inlet that is now being filled
A view toward the entrance of the Devon Boathouse; The entry will feature a view of the world's first dynamic propulsion tank (temporary wooden railing surrounding the tank location); The boathouse will also feature an endless pool on the second floor for swimming and hydrotherapy, a state of the art training center, and a hypoxic room for high altitude training.
A view of the University of Oklahoma Boathouse site with "prow" nearing completion; OU and UCO Boathouse construction details to be announced. UCO "prow" to begin construction next week.
Another view of the Devon Boathouse future event facilities - the event space will feature two levels with panoramic views of the finish line area of the race course

Additional construction details:
Reconstruction of 6th Street - phase one: Completion in September 2010
Development of Boathouse District parking lots - phase one: summer
Shoreline contouring, sodding, and completion of sidewalks - June 1 completion
South side boat ramp and parking lot (west of Lincoln Bridge) - construction underway, phase 1 completion in April
Transmission line removal - phase one (swing out from Boathouse District to 6th Street) - late March 2010 completion; Phase two - complete removal from north bank (including Chesapeake Boathouse area) - 2011

Upcoming events:
Big XII Rowing Championship - May 1-2
Central Youth Rowing Championship - May 8-9
American Collegiate Rowing Association National Championship - May 22-23
USA Canoe/Kayak National Championship - August 26-29
OCU Head of the Oklahoma/ OGE NightSprints - October 8-10

Staging and viewing areas for events will be identified and prepared within Boathouse District construction area.

Saturday Photo Essay - The Water Returns and Fills the New Inlets While Racing Takes Place in the Western Basin at the Exchange Boathouse

Oklahoma City University Women's Crew prepare to launch their shell
University of Kansas, Creighton, University of Tulsa, University of San Diego, SMU, and OU converge at the Exchange Boathouse this morning for the OU Invitational
The University of San Diego preparing to race as they row past Stockyards City
Oklahoma City University/ High Performance Center inlet with Devon Boathouse rising in the background to the west
New inlet partially filled
Sidewalk construction along the the river's edge are now underway
Construction continues on the major shoreline improvements scheduled for completion in June
A view from the south bank as the water rises to fill the new inlets
A View from the University of Oklahoma Boathouse inlet to the west

Thursday, March 4, 2010