Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chesapeake Finish Line Tower Mobilization Begins

A view of the viewing area under the tower. New renderings of the area will be coming soon to depict the outdoor screen, fire pit, and paved areas. This image also represents future MAPS 3-funded river improvements (early rendering of jumbotron and bridge elevator/staircase)
These detailed renderings depict the final design of the tower. The rendering on the previous post represents minor updates (not depicted in these models) including small balconies on the first two levels and a larger balcony extending along the entire side of the tower facing the race course. All other design elements remain the same (with further development in the terraced areas and LED lighting).

The viewing angles for the judges were carefully studied, ensuring full view of each racing lane from the tiered seating depicted in this image. Officials, media, commentators, and VIP guests will also have a distant view of the starting line for the longest races (2000 meters with the starting line adjacent to the American Indian Cultural Center); The race course will feature cameras with feeds from multiple locations on the course that will be showcased on screens throughout the tower, the tower's exterior, scoreboards, and within other boathouse viewing areas.
The pathway leading to the tower will feature embedded LED lights for dramatic night time representation of the finish line.

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