Friday, March 22, 2013

Coming Soon!

 The SandRidge Sky Slide is under construction in Germany and will be the tallest dry slide in America!  The SandRidge Sky Slide will be installed in May.  The slide is designed by Wiegand, the world's leading specialty slide manufacturer.
The rider will enter a secure platform connected to the top level of the Sky Trail where they will transfer from their harness and onto a custom slide mat.  Riders will reach speeds of up to 22mph during the 80 foot spiral decent.  The entire slide, except for the runout at the end, is fully enclosed with a translucent cover.
The Compass Rose sculpture will be installed in a traffic circle now under construction in the Boathouse District across from the new Youth Zone.  The sculpture is a gift to the city from Leadership OKC in commemoration of their 25th anniversary.  It will be installed in June.

Lighting for the SandRidge Sky Trail, Base Jump, and Sky Slide will be installed to allow for a dramatic night time presence in the Boathouse District - and for exciting adventures under the stars (and the best views of Downtown OKC at night)

This is a view of the future Base Jump "PowerFan" landing platform.  This will be installed in May. Guests will leap from the top of the SandRidge Sky Trail for a thrilling 80 foot free fall to this landing platform - a one of a kind experience for OKC!
A view from the landing platform looking up to the PowerFan

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